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Manila 10s


Manila 10s is an international rugby tournament, which as the name indicates, is a 10-a-side tournament.

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For those of you that understand rugby, you know that there are 2 official formats, 15s and 7s. The Manila 10s celebrated its 20th year at the 100year old Nomads Sports Club, Merville.

Teams of a range of levels fly in and battle it out to win the cup (serious boys), Plate (serious, but not quite pro), bowl (loves rugby, but probably don’t go to training much) and shield (likely to be still drunk from the night before).

Alabang Eagles (the team I have represented for 7 years) with a mixture of boys from Philippines, Papua New Ginea, Kenya, United States, Australia and Malaysia… top our pool on day 1 with a 60 point difference.

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We eventually bowed down to the New Zealand Warriors, a group of full time professional out fit in the semi finals of the cup. The Alabang Eagles should be proud with their effort as it is the first time in many years that a local team has entered the top 4. Mabuhay ang Philippine Rugby!!

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